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The peak occurred when a bad economic decline started and cell phone cameras started becoming good enough for most people's snapshots. Economic conditions have started to improve. And, the hobbiest photographer market has increased to the point that it is starting to take up the slack caused by the dieing point-and-shoot camera market.

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Camera Sales May Be Stabilizing After a Few Years of Freefall
The camera market has been struggling in recent years, with Canon, Nikon, and Sony all recently reporting drops in camera demand from a year ago. But there

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Sometimes you have to use the right tool for the job

Yesterday I took a panorama shot of a building near the Cedars station in downtown Dallas. When I got home I used Adobe Lightroom to stitch the photos together and did what I could to correct the image.

1621 Wall Street Take 1

It’s not that good. The sky is blown out, it isn’t that sharp, and there is actually a piece of the picture missing in the upper right corner. This morning I took it into Photoshop to do corrections. I restitched the pictures together using Photoshop’s panorama tool. Corrected the exposure so that the building looked right and the sky wasn’t washed out. Then, I added in some sharpness. Overall, I’m very happy with the second attempt at this picture. Sometimes you just have to use the right tool for the job.

1621 Wall Street Take 2

Today’s shot is of my 50mm prime lens

I also got to test some new lighting equipment (that I bought used). It’s is very basic. But is the beginning of what I need for doing portraits. Next is a backdrop. I’m thinking either a dropcloth or white sheet clamped to a pvc pipe hanging from hooks in the ceiling. It has the advantages of being easy to take down and cheap.
Link to lighting kit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005FHZ2SI?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00


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This is how brisket should look when it comes off the grill

I spent 11 hours smoking this piece of brisket at ~200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will result in moist and tender meat. Brisket is odd that way. To really get a good brisket, you have to cook the hell out of it without turning it into charcoal. A whole brisket takes even longer to cook (~24 hours). There are ways to do it faster, but the meat won’t be as tender.
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The results of me playing with Photoshop on my Android phone.

The results of me playing with Photoshop on my Android phone.

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An Example of Why Camera Sales Are Slowing

Take a look at this picture. I suggest clicking on it to look at it in full size. After looking at it, take a guess as to which camera did I use to take this photo.

Lockhart Smokehouse


This photo was taken with the camera on my smart phone and edited using software on the smart phone. Think about this. For the majority of pictures most people take they just need a simple point and shoot. That’s now built into their phones. After taking the picture they can show the picture to just about anyone in the world in seconds. If they want to, they can even edit the picture on their phone. And, the picture is just as good as the ones taken with a point and shoot camera. Why would someone choose to buy a camera when what is in their pocket does just as good a job and is easier to carry around?

In a podcast I listened to recently, they talked about the declining sales of DSLR cameras. They had some good points about why many hobbyists and professionals aren’t buying new cameras. But, they also need to consider the fact that for most people their smart phones take pictures that are good enough.