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Kodak Retina IIIc
Kodak Retina IIIc

I was doing some cleaning in my garage and found my father’s old Kodak Retina IIIc. This is a camera he bought in the 1960s while he was stationed in Thailand. It was last used on a trip to Tennessee in the early 1980s. It’s been through hell. I cleaned it up as best I could, but the shutter button is frozen. After to talking online with people who are Kodak Retina enthusiasts, it looks like my best bet for a good repair Chris Sherlock in New Zealand. With shipping to and from New Zealand, I am looking at about $235 (USA) to get it fixed. I will probably do it after I get my tax return.

I will probably be using it for most, if not all, of my film photography in the future. The question is, do I send the film off to be developed, or develop it myself. If I develop it myself, I will need the equipment for developing and a decent film scanner. If I have someone else do it, I will have to send the film off. I tried a place local to me, and I was not satisfied with the results of the scans. Also, they don’t do black and white film. This will be my primary interest when using film.

I can explain this

The peak occurred when a bad economic decline started and cell phone cameras started becoming good enough for most people's snapshots. Economic conditions have started to improve. And, the hobbiest photographer market has increased to the point that it is starting to take up the slack caused by the dieing point-and-shoot camera market.

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Camera Sales May Be Stabilizing After a Few Years of Freefall
The camera market has been struggling in recent years, with Canon, Nikon, and Sony all recently reporting drops in camera demand from a year ago. But there

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Sometimes you have to use the right tool for the job

Yesterday I took a panorama shot of a building near the Cedars station in downtown Dallas. When I got home I used Adobe Lightroom to stitch the photos together and did what I could to correct the image.

1621 Wall Street Take 1

It’s not that good. The sky is blown out, it isn’t that sharp, and there is actually a piece of the picture missing in the upper right corner. This morning I took it into Photoshop to do corrections. I restitched the pictures together using Photoshop’s panorama tool. Corrected the exposure so that the building looked right and the sky wasn’t washed out. Then, I added in some sharpness. Overall, I’m very happy with the second attempt at this picture. Sometimes you just have to use the right tool for the job.

1621 Wall Street Take 2

This gives me a chance to show why Canon is in trouble

As I have previously posted, I’m looking at replacing my Canon camera with a Sony. As the article points out, they are late to the mirrorless camera market. Also, their offerings are lacking.

The Canon M3 – Requires an adapter to use the Canon lenses I already have. And, it costs a little more than the A6000. Less battery life. Slower photo shooting (Can 4 photos/second vs. Sony 11 photos/second). You have to purchase the viewfinder separately. But, the M3 does have a touchscreen. Though, I’m not really interested in a touchscreen.

The Canon M10 – Only about $50 cheaper than. No viewfinder. A worse sensor. I imagine I would need an adapter to use my Canon Lenses. The rest I don’t know sense it has not been released yet.

Overall, even though it has been out for over a year, the A6000 is a much better camera than the 2 mirrorless offering from Canon. Canon really needs to get their shit together. I used to be a Canon fanboy.

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Canon Profits Down 21% as Mirrorless Cameras Cut Into DSLR Sales
Canon announced its quarterly earnings today, revealing that its operating profit for the quarter (~$665 million) has fallen 21% compared to last year and

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I’ve been thinking I would like to replace my camera body for some time now

It is old, and very limiting in some areas (like low light photography).  I’ve been looking at different options, and I think I’ve determined what I want to replace it with, a Sony A6000. The advantages the A6000 has over getting another Canon body for a similar price:
1. Better sensor.
2. Better low light performance
3. Wi-Fi connectivity. Both Canon and Nikon are falling down on this one.
4. In camera battery charging through USB.
5. Size. With a basic lens on the camera I can carry it in a cargo pocket.
6. On camera software functionality. The many functions that come built into the software that Canon does not have is beyond belief. It provides visual cues to what is in focus (useful for manual focusing) and what is under or over exposed.
7. The ability to expand functionality in the camera. You can actually download and low cost programs onto the camera that increase its functionality.
8. A free app for my phone that let’s me control the camera. I had to buy one for my Canon camera and either hook my phone directly to the camera or buy additional hardware (that I had to modify) to get my camera to connect to my phone.
9. Lens selection – Not only can I use Sony lenses with the A6000, I can also Canon lenses with an adapter. As a matter of fact, I would just get the adapter and use my Canon lenses on the Sony body. : Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera – Body only : Camera & Photo : Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera – Body only : Camera & Photo

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Today’s shot is of my 50mm prime lens

I also got to test some new lighting equipment (that I bought used). It’s is very basic. But is the beginning of what I need for doing portraits. Next is a backdrop. I’m thinking either a dropcloth or white sheet clamped to a pvc pipe hanging from hooks in the ceiling. It has the advantages of being easy to take down and cheap.
Link to lighting kit:


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This is how brisket should look when it comes off the grill

I spent 11 hours smoking this piece of brisket at ~200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will result in moist and tender meat. Brisket is odd that way. To really get a good brisket, you have to cook the hell out of it without turning it into charcoal. A whole brisket takes even longer to cook (~24 hours). There are ways to do it faster, but the meat won’t be as tender.
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