This gives me a chance to show why Canon is in trouble

As I have previously posted, I’m looking at replacing my Canon camera with a Sony. As the article points out, they are late to the mirrorless camera market. Also, their offerings are lacking.

The Canon M3 – Requires an adapter to use the Canon lenses I already have. And, it costs a little more than the A6000. Less battery life. Slower photo shooting (Can 4 photos/second vs. Sony 11 photos/second). You have to purchase the viewfinder separately. But, the M3 does have a touchscreen. Though, I’m not really interested in a touchscreen.

The Canon M10 – Only about $50 cheaper than. No viewfinder. A worse sensor. I imagine I would need an adapter to use my Canon Lenses. The rest I don’t know sense it has not been released yet.

Overall, even though it has been out for over a year, the A6000 is a much better camera than the 2 mirrorless offering from Canon. Canon really needs to get their shit together. I used to be a Canon fanboy.

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Canon Profits Down 21% as Mirrorless Cameras Cut Into DSLR Sales
Canon announced its quarterly earnings today, revealing that its operating profit for the quarter (~$665 million) has fallen 21% compared to last year and

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