An Example of Why Camera Sales Are Slowing

Take a look at this picture. I suggest clicking on it to look at it in full size. After looking at it, take a guess as to which camera did I use to take this photo.

Lockhart Smokehouse


This photo was taken with the camera on my smart phone and edited using software on the smart phone. Think about this. For the majority of pictures most people take they just need a simple point and shoot. That’s now built into their phones. After taking the picture they can show the picture to just about anyone in the world in seconds. If they want to, they can even edit the picture on their phone. And, the picture is just as good as the ones taken with a point and shoot camera. Why would someone choose to buy a camera when what is in their pocket does just as good a job and is easier to carry around?

In a podcast I listened to recently, they talked about the declining sales of DSLR cameras. They had some good points about why many hobbyists and professionals aren’t buying new cameras. But, they also need to consider the fact that for most people their smart phones take pictures that are good enough.